Rumpus Parable is a 40 year old, alternatively-styled performance artist, mainstream and fetish model, actress, singer, and canvas artist in drawing, painting, and both permanent and temporary human canvas art pieces using medical sharps.

Currently they are working toward flexibility near or to contortion abilities and silks for acrobatics and to add to performance art skills.

Examples of work are being suspended by needles in public show and for photo shoot; singing cover songs in small shows while traveling in SE Asia; sitting painted white staring at a wall for over an hour; being set on fire in various ways; creating in a private club a series of large scale needle designs on a human canvas for the art piece, audience, and video; creating and performing characters as though truly self for a couple private parties; charcoal and pencil partially abstract drawings; and rope self-suspensions.

They are an agender female who is 5’3″ and 175lbs, 28FF bra size, measurements of 39-31-38, colorfully dyed hair, piercings, and two small tattoos.

Sexy, sassy, playful, constantly learning, adventurous in finding new ideas or suggestions, serious to the core about their chosen projects regardless of sort.

Chosen to live as a nomad they are at this time in SE Asia available for work wherever located or to perform in other areas on request with travel and accommodations are compensated as part of negotiated fee. And any fee depends on just what is wanted – a painting or performance type plus venue and audience size, of course.

If you’d like to make contact to ask questions or discuss an idea and interest in hiring them, feel free to use the Contact Page!